A non-refundable $35 entry fee is required for each artist and covers submission of one, two or three works of art.  Each artist must submit the Entry Form, the $35 fee and the JPG image(s) no later than midnight on April 15, 2021.

  SUBMITTING ENTRIES:  Each artist may submit no more than three pieces of artwork. Jurying will be from digital images. Each piece will be represented by one or two images. A maximum of six images will be accepted. See photograph requirements below.

Photographs must be JPGs and file names must be artist's first and last names-image number corresponding to its number on the Entry Form-key word from the title.  For example, Carol Jones' second entry, titled "Stories of the Circle" would be titled caroljones-2-stories.jpg. If submitting two images of the same work, the second image should include the letter a, as in, caroljones-2a-stories.jpg.

By submitting this entry form, artist agrees that:
  • The Artwork(s) selected are exclusive to The Power Conference 2021 Showcase and not for sale via another online platform or sales mechanism. The Artist is restricted from promoting, buying, or using similar products from any other vendor or provider during the time of this exhibit.
  • Artwork will be available for purchase for the month of September 2021. After September 31, 2021 the Artwork is no longer under contract or committed for sale by the Merchant.
  • Artist agrees that the submitted Artwork(s) are true representations and descriptions of work for sale. Artist agrees Artwork(s) are authentic original works.  
  1. Each image must show the entire work clearly and in focus, and not include any other works by the artist.
  2. The work must be shown on a plain white, black, or neutral background, except for wearable work, which may be shown on a model. Backgrounds should be flat and unwrinkled, with no patterns. Gradient backgrounds are permitted.
  3. Images must be square or rectangular, but there is no limitation on aspect ratio.
  4. Previews of rectangular images may not show the entire work, but the entire work will be visible in full-sized view.
  5. Each image must be 500 kilobytes or larger. Images must be high resolution JPG format, about 1500 to 1800 pixels in the longest direction. File sizes must not exceed 3 MB.
Image files that cannot be opened will be disqualified.

COPYRIGHT: Artists retain copyright to their own images. Artists whose work is chosen to be included in the exhibit grant The Power Conference permission to use images for promoting the exhibit, the artist, or The Power Conference, including use on social media. Artists grant usage as stated without further compensation. ššššš

Images and Entry Form (example below) must be completed online via TPC registration portal: www.thepowerconference.com. After completing your registration and payment for the art show application you will be automatically sent an email with a link to our Submittable portal. Questions should be addressed to artshow@powerconference.com. Be sure that image numbers in the JPG title correspond to numbers on Entry Form.

ACCEPTANCE:  Each artist will be notified of the results of the jurying on or before July 16, 2021.  The selection of work for this show is at the sole discretion of the jurors. 

SALES: The Power Conference will retain a 25% commission on each sale of artwork sold at the show.  Artists whose work has sold will be notified promptly. Net proceeds of artwork sales and shipping fees collected will be mailed to the artist within 60 days of the close of the show.

SHIPPING: Artists are required to establish a price for shipping their work anywhere in the United States. The buyer will be required to pay the shipping fee in addition to the price of the artwork unless the buyer and artist live in the same region of the United States and wish to make private arrangements regarding delivery.

AWARDS:  After the show is installed, the juror will select pieces to receive prizes:

1st Prize:  2nd Prize:  

Additional Juror's Awards may be determined at the time of jurying

Submit your RFP HERE