Why Sponsor?

Now in its 11th year, the Power Conference has expanded from a premier professional event for women in the Washington, DC metro area to a conference with national reach. Taking the conference virtual will offer more exposure and goodwill than ever before.

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Showcase your support for women-owned businesses
  • Demonstrate your corporate support for women-owned businesses and women in the workplace by participating as a conference sponsor.
  • Engage your corporate women as speakers
  • Highlight your women and their thought leadership on relevant topics including career advancement, professional and leadership development, effectively using technology, and money management.
  • Gain visibility for your leaders and brand
  • Engage with our community of women before the Conference through our digital marketing campaign including email, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, during the Conference with sponsored sessions, virtual on-site signage, Expo booth, and networking opportunities, and will continue after the conference ends through the Conference website and virtual pop up events.
For more information, contact Laura@thepowerconference.com