Your Health Concierge, Inc.

Your Health Concierge, Inc. is a multi-disciplinary team of psychologists, physicians, therapists, wellness experts, and researchers who provide individualized, wellness services, group training, and professional education services. Our wellness model is based on Halbert L. Dunn’s work on high-level wellness. His original model in 1961 included six dimensions, but after revisions over subsequent decades, the most recent models include eight dimensions. Our therapy providers are psychologists, clinical social workers, and other consultants, including an executive coach. We see people in person in Maryland, the District of Columbia and Virginia as well as through telehealth wherever they live. For example, two of our psychologists may now see clients in any state that accepts Psypact. All providers accept fee-for-service payments as well as insurance reimbursements.

Our center, The Center for Wellness Training of Your Health Concierge, Inc., offers advanced training with CEUs for health and public health professionals to develop new knowledge and acquire or hone skills related to the practice of prevention and wellness. Our goal is to promote public health practice grounded in the latest research in health and mental health. Our trainers are at the forefront of research and practice in prevention. Our master trainers include public health professionals with backgrounds in behavior change, coaching, public health, ethics, nursing, psychology, medicine, and social work.

We train leaders who want to improve their ability to use positive approaches to assist people to maintain a state of wellness in their lives. Our approach is motivational. Our trainings are designed to show health professionals how to use best practices from recent research on maintaining or restoring wellness in individuals, workplaces, and communities.

Our trainings are either face-to-face, live on Zoom, or coming in 2022, recorded trainings that are available on demand. Our trainings are relevant for professionals who work with individuals, workplaces, and community organizations. We have a special emphasis on preventing and postponing chronic conditions as well as promoting positive mental health. Members of the general public are welcome to join any training.

  • Dr. Caroline H. Sparks, CEO
  • 844-942-1789
  • 2 Wisconsin Cir, Suite 700, Bethesda, Maryland, 20815, United States

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