WH Consulting-IT Solutions with a Sustainable Footprint

Can you see your calendar on your ipad and your work computer? Does your work PC talk to your home mac. Is your computer running slow? Would you like to be more environmentally friendly at the office?
At WH Consulting we help make your technology work and work together. We solve problems. But more than just fixing your computer or teaching you how to use it we focus on sustainability which means helping clients streamline their IT systems to conserve natural resources and increase productivity while saving you time and money. Use less to gain more! We help to create policies, implement procedures, and encourage efficiency through employee incentives and goal setting to help clients save time and money; making their computer operations more efficient. Through process (what you do), practices (how you do it), and purchasing (what you buy and where you buy it) we help small businesses go “green”.

  • Wendy Howard
  • 301-946-5091
  • 301-946-5092
  • , Silver Spring, Maryland, 20902, United States

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