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When small business owners are so focused on making their companies successful, they're often unaware of the many ways that human resource missteps could become expensive business liabilities.

HR Allies consultants provide companies with solid Human Resources foundations that protect the business' interests throughout the employer / employee relationship; reduce
risk by complying with the long & growing list of local, state and federal employment laws that cover employers of all sizes; discourage potential plaintiff attorney involvement, and promote employee retention.

Using our proprietary "Alliance Defense" process, HR Allies can assess and identify your current potential human resources risks; report on critical and advisable actions to minimize your risks; then close those gaps for your company so that owners and executives can remain focused on their core business success — not HR liability. We also provide experienced and practical advice through affordable monthly partnerships so that small businesses can access the same high-level HR expertise that large companies have -- all for a fraction of the cost of hiring their own on-staff HR expert.

Especially effective with businesses from 15 to 200 employees, HR Allies has the expertise to shield your organization from costly human resources issues quickly. Insure your company from the high cost of human resources risk by partnering with HR Allies!

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