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Talent Edge Group is a talent & leadership development consulting firm that helps companies increase the capabilities of leaders and teams and increase the organization’s ability to transform and meet the challenges and business objectives of the future. We provide solutions to help organizations identify and develop future leaders and improve team performance.

We believe that for companies, the talent within is what gives them a competitive edge and we help them bring out that potential. For leaders, it’s your unique talent and strengths that give you an edge and enable you to perform at the highest levels and position you for advancement opportunities.

Areas of Expertise:

► Talent Selection– through a patented bench marking process and data-driven approach, we consult with leaders to evaluate who they currently have on the team and who they need to have on the team for future success. We help them get the ideal people into each role. As a result, we help organizations increase retention and reduce the cost of bad hires.

► Leadership Development & Succession Planning – we help leaders become more self-aware – to know their strengths and weaknesses and help them understand how to work effectively with the people around them. We train and coach at every level from emerging leaders up to the C-suite and prepare and equip them to build high performing teams and advance to the next level.

► Teamwork & Employee Engagement – we help executives and teams perform more efficiently and productively by shedding light on each member’s working styles and motivators. As they understand themselves and others more clearly, they overcome some of the common dysfunctions of a team that hinder trust and performance and they're able to get better results, faster.

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