E-Suite Academy ~ Professional Empowerment for Career and Business Women

X Is Possible LLC offers individual and group coaching, virtual training, and mastermind experiences focused on common goal areas, including career advancement, entrepreneurship, travel and personal finances. Clients benefit from in-depth strategies and peer support to help them achieve their goals quickly. The X Is Possible team guides its clients to identify their goals, determine their strengths, and develop realistic plans to excel in various areas of life. We work together to identify roadblocks, and drive toward targeted solutions, and offer clients access to a supportive community to hold themselves accountable for individual results.

One of our signature programs for women - The View From the E-Suite: Women’s Professional Empowerment Symposium - is intended to provide women with the tools needed to take control of their professional lives, resulting in increased satisfaction and engagement. This 2-day virtual event mirrors the live experience with interesting and timely plenary sessions, engaging and interactive breakout sessions, “on-site” coaching, engagement with vendors, and opportunities for networking. As a result of attending the symposium, career women will create a career development action plan and advance at least one professional goal within 30 days.

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