You don’t win corporate clients by playing by the rules. You win by playing a completely different game.

If you’re a consultant, coach, professional services provider or other type of knowledge broker — and you’re in the business of landing and working with corporate clients — adhering to “the rules of engagement” can be deadly to your company.

At BoldHaus, we’re razing the rules of how professional service providers engage and land corporate clients.

We are audacious, unapologetic, and fiercely unafraid to speak our mind.

We don’t believe in rules, groupthink, or conventional approaches.

What we do believe in are strategies that help our clients get results.

For more than ten years, we’ve shared our proven strategies and helped our clients do more of the work they love while earning the profit they desire.

We know what corporations want because we’ve done corporate ourselves. We know what works. We know what doesn’t.

And most importantly, we know how decision makers make buying decisions.

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