The Power Conference 2021: Call for Speakers

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3367 Stephenson Pl NW

Founder and President

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Debbie Parker Consulting LLC


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Debbie Parker is a business growth strategist, author, public speaker, and success driver to unlock potential and help clients’ businesses soar. Her podcast “Smiling For Success” focuses on cheery thoughts, tips, and tactics to prosper and thrive in business, life-balance, and life. Her passion is to help people get clarity on where they are, where they want to be, and how to get there, by switching on mental lightbulbs – facilitating those “aha moments” that inspire fresh mindsets and open up new possibilities. Over her 7 year consulting career and previously as a financial advisor, her skills, creativity, and innate success-drive have helped her clients achieve expansive expert-status visibility, implement powerful business growth strategies, and establish dynamic connection with prospects and clients. The five core values she lives by are: do the right thing, seek clarity in business and in life, continuously improve, embrace change, and be true to yourself.


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Professional references:

1. — Chris Clark, Founder and President, Summitt Realty Investment Group, also Current President – BNI International Georgetown Chapter.
2. — Julia Westfall, CEO Hera Hub DC
3. — Edward D. Williams, President and Managing Partner, DEW Financial Management Group Inc.
4. — Estelle Thevenin, Whitworld Event Coordinator

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For Podcast Beginners and the Non-Tech-Savvy: How to Become a Kick-Ass Podcaster Using Only the Anchor App and Your Smartphone

Session description:

Podcasting – the big new frontier. Get noticed, create buzz, be a thought leader, help your business soar! My interactive session will guide, inspire, show step-by-step with example: how to start a podcast the easy way using only your smartphone and a simple free do-it-yourself app. No intimidating complex technology, no steep learning curve. My call-to-action: “Why not open this whole new adventure of podcasting. Let your voice be heard!”

Session objectives:

1. How to get a podcast up and running using only a smartphone and an intuitive easy-to-use app.
2. Inspire the non-tech-savvy to try podcasting without being intimidated by complex technology and steep learning curve.
3. Inspire attendees to use podcasting to let their voice be heard and become thought leaders and recognized experts in their business.
4. Welcome attendees to share their thoughts, questions and concerns in this interactive session.

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Interactive and engaging

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Ready, Set, Go (introductory business track)

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