Whether working for yourself or an employer, you want to create new business opportunities, generate revenue, predict trends, optimize operational efforts, and produce actionable insights. Most businesses expect to grow and evolve over time. This session lays out the reasons analytics are important to business growth and sustainability. Successful leaders cannot operate using a ‘hunch’ on a consistent basis. Leaders forecast, evaluate, and predict based on reliable data.


Dr. Karen Hills Pruden is an award-winning Career Elevation Expert for female middle managers seeking senior leadership. Recognized by the governor (Virginia) for her leadership in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Pruden has two decades of experience in human resource leadership, influencing employees through global speaking, coaching, workshops, and authoring ten bestselling books. One of her hottest publications is Pruden Principles: 10 Strategies to Propel Women to the C-Suite. Dr. Pruden works as a Chief Human Resource Officer, CEO of Pruden Global Business Solutions Consulting, and the CEO/Founder of the Sister Leaders Conference.


Dr. Pruden has been interviewed on the Kim Jacobs Show, Believe in Your Dreams Television, Roland Martin Unfiltered, ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates. She has been a featured speaker at Virginia Society for Human Resource Management, Society for Diversity, Black Wall Street, SpeakerCon, Virginia Commonwealth University, Norfolk State University, Global Fluency, EmpoweringHER, NAACP, and governmental entities.


September 14 @ 13:30
13:30 — 14:00 (30′)

Cash is Queen, Ownership to Leadership

Dr. Karen Hills Pruden