Using a new software program can be overwhelming when you don’t have the time to properly train within the program. I’ll provide you with the top-10 tips for making QuickBooks easier and more user-friendly. Then, we’ll open up to questions and I’ll teach you exactly what is most important or beneficial to you, to learn!


Pam Saul, CB, the founder of Saul Bookkeeping, has over 30 years of experience having started with her own family’s business in Montgomery County.


Pam realized the need for knowledgeable and skilled bookkeeping services for businesses that wanted professional help but didn’t need a fulltime person doing the books. She created Saul Bookkeeping as a customized bookkeeping business to help those business owners.


Pam serves on the Loan Review Committee for Maryland Agricultural & Resource-Based Industry Development Corp (MARBIDCO) and is a past Chairman. Pam is also a Certified Bookkeeper with the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers (AIPB) and a QuickBooks Pro-Advisor.


Along with her expertise in small business accounting, Pam is an excellent resource to help business owners in a team-supported environment.

September 14 @ 09:30
09:30 — 10:00 (30′)

Cash is Queen

Pam Saul