How long will it take to return to normal post-pandemic? Or, will the new normal change the way we do business? What lessons have we learned from COVID-19 that will alter relationship building, networking, and entrepreneurship? In this open networking session, we share lessons learned, possible changes in business models, and recovery plans. Will your network still be your networth in the next normal?


Sharon Weinstein gave the opening keynote that was one of the best-attended morning keynotes in Power Conference history,” said Jamie Hamelburg. A Certified Professional Speaker and Certified Virtual Presenter, Sharon deliver content, style, and value that will engage audiences on the stage, and onscreen. Author of 16 books, including, Are You Ready to Reinvent Yourself, Weinstein’s expertise in leadership development, stress/fatigue management, and service excellence help clients to answer the difficult question, “What if…” Sharon’s been featured in Forbes, Crain’s Chicago Business, USA Today, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, on 60 Minutes and on CBS. An advisor to Roche and Bayer, she offers Individual and group coaching focused on innovative ways to approach situations and people, aligning people strategy with business strategy. Sharon is known for elevating individual and corporate connections, conversations, and cultures.

September 14 @ 09:00
09:00 — 09:30 (30′)

Business Excellence

Sharon Weinstein