As a creative, perhaps you “just want to create.” Well, you must create, or there is nothing to sell. So running the business sounds like a necessary evil, but with the right mindset it can become the engine that allows you more love, money and freedom to create. Give yourself this time to learn how to build your “creative” business using the core principles of The DAMN Plan – Determined-Decisions, Act Consistently, Mind Your Business, No Excuses. It will be damn well worth it!


Kim Nagle is a keynote speaker, author and business coach. She truly believes that people are capable of taking authority over their lives and deserve the life they have always dreamt of – they just need a plan. She knows this for a fact. She literally wrote the book! The DAMN Plan How To Find Freedom, Love, And Money In Your Business, which some have described as “equal parts practical workbook, a letter from your BFF, and personal development journal.”


She has coached thousands resulting in hundreds of clients launching successful businesses. Kim is an energetic guide for those who want to build profitable businesses they love.


When she isn’t helping others achieve their dreams, she spends as much time as she can with her grandkids. She delights in showing them that it is never too late or too soon… now is the best time to live your dreams.

September 14 @ 13:00
13:00 — 13:30 (30′)

Pivot to Passion, The Creative Experience

Kim Nagle