Having tough conversations isn’t fun for anyone, and when they go wrong, relationships are damaged, and the problem that’s being addressed doesn’t get solved. This makes many leaders avoid these conversations, reducing their team’s effectiveness and their own success. Fortunately, you can quickly learn to rise in these challenging interactions so the problem will be solved, while trust and respect increase. This workshop will help you get there!


Anne Bonney is a fun, energetic international motivational keynote speaker and trainer. She is also an authority on Change Management, best-selling author of GET OVER IT!, podcast host of Ignite Your Influence Podcast (Listen now at https://igniteyourinfluence.buzzsprout.com/ ), and an experienced leadership workshop facilitator. After 20 years in highly successful corporate and non-profit leadership positions, Anne, now uses her experience, education, and expertise to ignite YOUR ability to influence others by harnessing emotional intelligence, effective communication and flexibility in change.


September 14 @ 13:30
13:30 — 14:00 (30′)

Cash is Queen, Ownership to Leadership

Anne Bonney