The Power Conference is now accepting proposals from qualified candidates to present in demand, trending topics from their area of expertise for our first virtual Business Development Conference, Keynote, and Expo. 

The focus of the conference is on BUSINESS.  Keep in mind that our attendees are both experienced businesswomen (and men) and aspiring entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries.  Many women attend every year so speaker proposals with fresh focused topics have a better chance than general topics.  You may propose up to 3 topics.  You may propose up to 3 sessions.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

      • Doing business in the virtual world (moving to all virtual business, online presentation skills, online platform skills)
      • Being quick on your business feet (how to efficiently reinvent yourself)
      • Marketing (digital marketing, traditional marketing)
      • Business techniques for artists, musicians, designer and other creatives (showing in galleries, entering shows, legal challenges, working with online platforms, agents)
      • The business of being in business (hiring and firing, managing finances, legal issues, retail/office locations, partnerships/sales agreements/commission, selling your business)
      • The new entrepreneur (skills for the startup or new pivot)


Topics should be clearly targeted at one of the following levels:

Ready, Set, Go – introductory business

Power Up Your Business – grow your existing business

The Exceptional Executive – experienced/advance level

You don’t need to be a professional speaker but you should be able to reflect how compelling, interesting, and innovative you and your topic are in your proposal – our attendees want to learn something new from dynamic, knowledgeable presenters. However, presenters should have experience in speaking at similar events, video submissions showcasing speaking ability.


Session Formats:

To the Point

Twenty-minute presentation with 10 minute Q&A sessions.  Live or Pre-Recorded (Pre-recorded limited spaces available. It is preferred that pre-recorded speaker makes themselves available for a 10 min Q&A scheduled during your scheduled time)

Learn With Me (limited to 10 attendees)

Thirty-minute interactive sessions with limited presentation time, more focus on problem-solving and guidance. Must be available live. 


In-depth 45 minute presentation with 15 minute Q&A sessions. Live only. Limited spaces are available.

*It is possible that we will run out of the type of session you have supplied. If we have other spaces available we may contact you to ask if you can change your presentation type. Please understand that we are working hard to ensure the best educational event for our attendees. 

Speaker proposals must be submitted by May 15, 2021 at 5 pm.  Speakers will be selected on a rolling basis with final selections announced on July 15, 2021.

Speakers will not be financially compensated for their session, preparation time, or expenses.

All sessions should be focused on the proposed topic and cannot be a sales pitch to the audience. Sales at the end of the session using links to your site are permitted. There will also be a section on our website for books and other materials available from our experts. We will not be handling the sales process and you must provide a link to a sales and shipping site (Amazon links are acceptable).


The RFP is now closed.