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Find Fortune in the Follow-up…what will you do with today’s business card collection?

Imagine what you’ll do with the pile of business cards you collect at The Power Conference. Will you be a Woman Doing Business, or a Woman with a Stack of Cards and No Follow-up Plan? In this rapid, engaging keynote session, award-winning author and Follow-Up Expert, Sharon Weinstein shares essential best practices and strategies that will improve your follow-up, starting with this conference. The fortune is in the follow-up; it’s high time to learn how to reap those rewards!

LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops
BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations
LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert

Your network is your power.    Learn the keys to increasing your impact through relationships, social networks, influence, and communications.  Jan Molino, President, Aspire Ascend, works with executive women who aim to build lasting legacies of outstanding performance and leadership.
A Capability Statement is an effective business development and branding tool that highlights your core competencies and differentiators.  Tina Patterson, Principal, Jade Solutions, LLC, provides clients with cost effective solutions to help them procure and retain business.
Writing a book can skyrocket your influence.  Learn about the latest – mini-books – quick to write, easy to professionally produce, and a handy takeaway for customers and clients.    Ginger Moran, PhD, is a creativity coach with expertise in writing, editing, and creative survival.  
The County's Business Navigator delivers insights into how much business information is available from the Data Portal to use for business development.  Judy Stephenson, Montgomery County Business Navigator, helps ensure that the engine of small business runs smoothly assisting with government challenges that might get in way of success.
People who are part of a community are more likely to purchase from you! Learn the 3 steps to building a community that increases your revenue.  Rita Goodroe, Business Strategist, Rita Made Me Do It, LLC, is a business mentor and strategist that helps women entrepreneurs take bold actions to realize big results.
Where are your visitors located, which pages are they visiting, and how are they traversing your site?   Learn about 5 inexpensive web tools that will supersize your marketing capabilities and allow you to compete with the giants of your industry. Erika Dickstein, Chief Insight Owner and Principal, Spring Insight Marketing, LLC, solves business problems using web tools and innovative marketing campaigns.
Rapid-fire points to help you analyze whether certification for corporate diversity supplier contracts or for government contracting is right for your business.  Sandra Eberhard, Executive Director, Women Presidents Education Organization – DC, is a regional partner of WBENC certification and a leading advocate of women-owned business.
Here is your checklist of activities new entrepreneurs should consider – and accomplish - prior to quitting their day jobs.  Judy O'Connor,   Founder & CEO, Like Neighbors, LLC, recognized a need and created a web platform that organizes personal care campaigns to provide a meal, services and other support locally, like neighbors, from friends and family located far and wide.
Discuss your questions on what is the right business model to make money from your business idea with resident expert, Maria Jimenez, Small Business Coach, Latino Economic Development Center – Wheaton, MD
Discuss tips for effectively advocating your position and sharing information about business issues with elected officials with Nancy Floreen, a Montgomery County Councilmember with 16 years of public service on the Council.
LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops
BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations
LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert

Curious how to achieve consistent results? Don't fall prey to 5 common mistakes that keep you from leading a team of phenomenal performers.  Jackie Kindall, CEO, Kindall, Evolve Consulting, LLC, helps leaders and organizations evolve, build high performing teams, and get results, with dynamic executive coaching, training and organizational consulting.
Bring your phone or tablet and learn best practices of producing professional quality mobile video to give you the best impact and results. Kim Foley, award winning video producer and founder of Smartphone Video Production Academy, helps business learn how to produce and edit professional quality video all on mobile devices.  
Explore how easy it is to use Census Bureau statistics for small business owners to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of what is going on in your community.  Nesreen Khashan, Data Dissemination, Specialist, US Census Bureau, helps business owners to use statistics to analyze community dynamics.  
To realize our full potential as leaders and executives requires that we disrupt our unconscious biases to build inclusive teams and organizations that are welcoming to all.   Michele Synegal, President, Management Dynamics, Inc., helps organizations nationwide create organizational cultures that celebrate diversity and robust profitability.
Google Analytics and the Google Search console hold all the answers to optimize your website! Learn the right focus to sharpen your online marketing.  Heather Miller Cox, Owner, Mighty Little Web Shop, builds strategic websites that focus on results.
Career at a crossroads? Learn what key metrics and resources differentiate franchise opportunities so you can discover if a franchise is the right fit for you. Stephanie Lewis, Coach, The Entrepreneur's eSource, coaches potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment.
Start on the right foundation by giving thought to whether you should incorporate or create a limited liability company. Quick overview considering liability protection, taxes, employees, and more.  Karen Alegi, Esquire, Alegi Anderson LLLC, is a business owner and a practicing attorney who understands the questions and challenges small business owners’ face starting at start-up.
Whether you are working at home or thinking about it in the future, let's discuss practical tips and tricks for managing your time and being productive at home.  Dana Theus, Executive & Career Coach, InPower Coaching, specializes in unlocking your personal power to succeed and find your authentically confident voice.
LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops
BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations
LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert

In this fast-paced, funny, and engaging presentation, learn the critical behaviors to realize leadership effectiveness, respect and success.  Liz Weber, President, Weber Business Services, LLC, helps clients see opportunities they never knew existed.
Stop playing small and take action to scale your business and profits.  Lisa Anderson, CEO & Strategic Business Advisor, Anavo Transformation Solutions LLC, has a passion and commitment to help a million women make a million.
Learn how to use Instagram and Instagram Stories effectively for your business with all of the tips and tools you will need to make it happen.  Lisa Nichols, CEO, Tira! Strategies, help owners use social media effectively to grow and attract new business.  
Businesses owned and operated by spouses can become complicated as professional and personal lines become blurred and tensions and stress intrude.  Discuss tips to surviving and succeeding in couple-preneurship. Mari Millard and Marnie Hammel, co-owners, Two Maids and a Mop, love to manage, mentor and coach based on their own success.
Is your business at risk and properly protected? Learn how to focus on the right coverage of your assets.  Dr. Betty Seltzer, CEO/Agent, Betty Seltzer Agency, encourages others to be proactive and invest in their future.  
Learn how to get on the right track by giving you clear, concise and compelling action steps to help you plan for, prepare, and pitch your business plan for funding using Business Plan competitions as an unconventional funding platform.  Takia Ross, Owner, Accessmatized, LLC, has used her winnings from Business Plan Competitions to take her business to the next level.  
Discuss immigration issues that arise in business with resident expert, Alexandra Michailov, Esquire, who concentrates her practice on immigration.
Business development is creating long-term value for your company from customers, markets, and relationships to ensure immediate and future success.   Learn tips, ideas and suggestions from female business development professionals to help you excel at business development.  Panel moderated by Rhonda Viapiano, Executive Director/Branch Manager, Morgan Stanley Maryland Complex.
Theft of digital information has become the most commonly reported fraud. Every size business that uses the Internet is responsible for creating a culture of security that will enhance business and consumer confidence.  Panel of cybersecurity experts talk about the biggest security threats to your business and what steps to take now.
The Power Conference is pleased to bring a special sales training session led by a very special international sales trainer – Cheri Tree.  Unlock the secrets, science, and the system to supercharge your sales in less than 90 seconds.  Cheri Tree, CEO of BANKCODE, with more than 20 years’ experience in sales and a multi-million dollar income, is the leading authority in Personality Sales Training.  Cheri teaches the B.A.N.K. sales system to top sales organizations worldwide. Grab this opportunity to learn the simple methodology that will consistently deliver better sales results for you.