Find Fortune in the Follow-up…what will you do with today’s business card collection?

Imagine what you’ll do with the pile of business cards you collect at The Power Conference. Will you be a Woman Doing Business, or a Woman with a Stack of Cards and No Follow-up Plan? In this rapid, engaging keynote session, award-winning author and Follow-Up Expert, Sharon Weinstein shares essential best practices and strategies that will improve your follow-up, starting with this conference. The fortune is in the follow-up; it’s high time to learn how to reap those rewards!

LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert
The biggest key to building power is surrounding yourself with powerful peopleyour network is your power.   Creating strong alliances and strategic networks is critical for today's leader to succeed. Your mandate as a senior leader is to have and use your power: relationships, social networks, influence and communications.  Learn the critical building blocks of power and relationships, and how to use them.  Jan Molino is President and CEO of Aspire Ascend, her professional services firm that provides a comprehensive portfolio of career building services and board development for women in executive leadership. 
A Capabilities Statement is a marketing and branding tool to effectively reach prospective clients and teaming partners. Join Tina Patterson CF APMP, Principal, Jade Solutions, LLC, as she shares tips and insights on how to best present your organization to connect clients and teaming partners with your organization's Capabilities Statement.
83% of people want to write a book—but only 3% will succeed. A full length book can be hard to write and time-consuming. But there is another way—a mini-book. Quick to write, easy to professionally produce, and a handy takeaway for customers and clients, a mini-book can quickly skyrocket your influence. Learn to write a quality mini-book in this session.   Ginger Moran, PhD, taught writing at the university level and was the associate director of the University of Virginia Women’s Center. She currently works full time as a writer, book mentor, and editor who can be found at http://gingermoran.com/  
Businesses often turn to their local governments for business opportunities. This approach is too limiting to support meaningful growth. Business Intelligence allows you to turn data into opportunity. But first you have to understand what information is available and develop a strategy for leveraging that information to build your business. Thinking about data in a different way allows businesses to use information that is publicly available from Montgomery County to create a competitive edge. Judy Stephenson, Montgomery County Business Navigator, helps ensure that the engine of small business runs smoothly assisting with government challenges that might get in way of success.  

Creating a customer community boosts loyalty, initiates a movement around your business and increases revenue by 19 percent!  Your business simply cannot afford to ignore the power of community building. You’ll learn the difference between growing an audience and building a community, get a clear understanding of why community is crucial, and learn the three steps to building a community that sustains your business.  Rita Goodroe is an international speaker and business strategist helping women entrepreneurs take bold actions to realize BIG results in business so that they make more money in less time in ways that are fun and in alignment with their values.

Where are your visitors located, which pages are they visiting, and how are they traversing your site?   Learn about 5 inexpensive web tools that will supersize your marketing capabilities and allow you to compete with the giants of your industry. Erika Dickstein, Chief Insight Owner and Principal, Spring Insight Marketing, LLC, solves business problems using web tools and innovative marketing campaigns.
Rapid-fire points to help you analyze whether certification for corporate diversity supplier contracts or for government contracting is right for your business. Deena Parker is a Program Manager at WPEO-DC, where she helps to process the WBENC certification applications, as well as provide support for local WPEO-DC events.
Here is the checklist of activities every new entrepreneur should consider – and accomplish – prior to quitting your day job. Shorten the gap between your last paycheck and the launch of your new venture! Judy O'ConnorFounder & CEO, Like Neighbors, LLC, discovered firsthand how difficult it is to help a long-distance friend dealing with a serious illness, loss of a loved one, or other life challenge. To address this need, Judy created LikeNeighbors.com, a web platform that makes it easy to organize, give and receive meaningful support like meal deliveries (and soon pet sitters, house cleaners, transportation and more) from across town or across the country. www.likeneighbors.com
One on One Feedback on Your Elevator Speech. From someone who has heard thousands of elevator speeches, take 5 minutes for one on one meeting to pitch yours. Get immediate feedback on how to improve your first impression. Sheila Dews-Johnson, Director, Supplier Diversity and Supplier Sustainability, McCormick Spice Company.
Discuss your questions on what is the right business model to make money from your business idea with resident expert, Maria Jimenez, Small Business Coach, Latino Economic Development Center – Wheaton, MD
Discuss tips for effectively advocating your position and sharing information about business issues with elected officials with Nancy Floreen, a Montgomery County Councilmember with 16 years of public service on the Council.  
LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert
The way in which you lead is directly linked to your team’s performance, commitment and job satisfaction. Building their engagement starts with you! Intuitively this makes sense, yet according to a recent Gallup study, roughly 70% of workers are disengaged, which means they are likely to be unmotivated, uninspired and unproductive. Learn winning strategies to enhance your leadership style so you can create a collaborative, productive team and an exceptional workplace.  Jackie Kindall, CEO, Kindall, Evolve Consulting, LLC, helps leaders and organizations evolve, build high performing teams, and get results, with dynamic executive coaching, training and organizational consulting.
Video is the most powerful communication tool in the world! SEO soars when you have video on your home page. And 64% of people who watch a branded video buy that product or service? Video is the big new frontier in getting noticed, creating buzz, informing and inspiring. This workshop will show you how to leverage video for getting more business. Bring your phone or tablet and learn best practices of producing professional quality mobile video to help your business soar!  Kim Foley is an award-winning video producer and founder of Smartphone Video Production Academy. Kim helps businesses learn how to produce and edit professional quality video, all on mobile devices. In addition to video production, Kim provides media and teleprompter training. Her clients include KPMG, ExxonMobil, Nestle, government agencies, associations, sports and media journalists, non-profits and entrepreneurs. www.kimfoley.com  

Explore how easy it is to use Census Bureau statistics for small business owners to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of what is going on in your community.  Nesreen KhashanData Dissemination, Specialist, U.S. Census Bureau, helps business owners analyze community dynamics using publicly-available data: www.census.gov   Nesreen Khashan is a Maryland-based data dissemination specialist who provided presentations and trainings on how to access and understand Census Bureau data. She is also a lead media liaison for the Census Bureau and serves as a contributing writer for America Counts, the Census Bureau’s story-telling portal (census.gov/AmericaCounts).  Her career with the Census Bureau began in 2009, when she served as a partnership specialist for the Philadelphia Regional Office.

To realize our full potential as leaders and executives requires that we transform our unconscious biases to build inclusive teams that are welcoming to all. Recognizing and dealing with biases allows individuals to bring the best version of their best selves to the attainment of personal and organizational goals.  Michele Synegal, President, Management Dynamics, Inc., helps organizations nationwide create organizational cultures that celebrate diversity and robust profitability.
Google Analytics and the Google Search console hold all the answers to optimize your website! Learn the right focus to sharpen your online marketing.  
No matter if you work in an office, at the dining room table or the local coffee shop, work shouldn’t hurt! Come learn 5 easy steps to make your office better for your back, neck, and shoulders. Success at business means effective and efficient work habits. Learn how to set yourself up to succeed. Bonus content: should you invest in a sit/stand desk or fancy chair? Find out in this lightning session. Naomi Abrams holds a Doctorate degree in Occupational Therapy and a certification as an ergonomic assessment specialist. She lectures nationally on occupation-based ergonomics, intervention services, and the aging workforce. www.workinjuryfree.com
Do you have an email list? After a website and blog, your email list is the most important layer in your digital marketing cake. Did you know that your email list could grow substantially if Facebook Live was added to your email marketing mix? Learn how to use Facebook LIve to grow your email list so that you can build and strengthen relationships with your customers and ultimately increase your sales.  Doris Barber, CEO of The Marketing Cake, provides offline and online marketing solutions to help businesses build their know, like, and trust factor.
Career at a crossroads?  Have you tried to start a business but haven’t been as successful as you’d like?  Do you think that all franchises are fast food restaurants?  If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, attend this workshop to learn the key metrics and resources differentiating franchise opportunities so you can discover if a franchise is the right fit for you.  Stephanie Lewis, Coach, The Entrepreneur's eSource, coaches potential entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals through self-employment. www.TheESource.com/SLewis
Start on the right foundation by giving thought to whether you should incorporate or create a limited liability company. Quick overview considering liability protection, taxes, employees, and more.  Karen Alegi, Esquire, Alegi Anderson LLC, is a business owner and a practicing attorney who understands the questions and challenges small business owners’ face starting at start-up.
One on One Feedback on Your Elevator Speech. From someone who has heard thousands of elevator speeches, take 5 minutes for one on one meeting to pitch yours. Get immediate feedback on how to improve your first impression. Sheila Dews-Johnson, Director, Supplier Diversity and Supplier Sustainability, McCormick Spice Company.

Whether you are working at home or thinking about it in the future, here's your chance to learn practical tips for easy productivity. In this executive coaching session, work-at-home-veteran and coach Dana Theus, InPower Coaching, will give you simple and powerful techniques to help you stay top-of-mind with key company/client stakeholders, deal with distractions, avoid isolation and gain more energy. Dana is an executive and career coach specializing in helping business owners activate their highest potential and discover new levels of confidence and impact. Leveraging a 25-year career on the front lines of business, Dana has worked for Fortune 50 companies, tech startups, government agencies and non-profits, and she has taught graduate-level courses for several universities in the Washington DC area. She writes on multiple leadership sites to bring an INPowered voice to leadership development. https://inpowercoaching.com

Have a question about how to capture the attention of key media influencers to increase awareness of your compelling business story? Stop by to discuss public relations with Sandra Remey, MA, APR, President of Remey Communications, who uses PR and marketing to help businesses stand out from their competitors, raise their visibility and grow. 
LS -  Lightning Sessions: fast-paced workshops BR - Business Roundtable: small group presentations LL - Learning Lounge: Q & A discussion led by a resident expert
In this fast-paced, funny, yet content-rich presentation, learn how savvy leaders think and behave to earn the respect and success they deserve.  Liz Weber, President, Weber Business Services, LLC, helps clients see opportunities they never knew existed. www.WBSLLC.com

Do you feel like you’re maxing out in your business?  Stop playing small and take action to scale your business and your profits.   Learn the five key steps to scale your way to a million dollar business without breaking the bank.  Attendees will learn how to increase confidence, consistency, capacity and cashflow while building a business that serves them.  Choose today to become one of the 4.2% of women-owned firms earning revenues of 1 million or more!  Lisa Anderson is a Strategic Business Advisor and Virtual CFO with Anavo Transformation Solutions, an organizational development and financial management consulting firm founded by Lisa that specializes in helping small businesses get beyond the plateau and positioned for growth, scalability and profitability.  With a dedicated focus on helping companies grow and maneuver their way through the maze of aggressively competing marketplaces, Lisa and her team have helped hundreds of companies scale.  www.AnavoTransformation.com

Learn how to use Instagram effectively to attract the right audience and the right clients. Attendees will learn how to choose graphics and photos that will quickly boost their Instagram engagement. Instagram Stories and Instagram TV can boost your social media presence and grow and attract business—come learn how!  Lisa Nicholls is the founder and CEO of Tira! Strategies, a social media marketing firm that specializes in creating an online presence for small and medium-sized businesses through the use of social media. http://www.tirastrategies.com/

Over the last year, hundreds of entities have issued “initial coin offerings” and created their own cryptocurrencies that make use of Blockchain and/or distributed ledger technology.  Everyone’s doing it right?  But is an ICO right for every business? Besides Bitcoin, what can blockchain technology do?  Learn some of the many uses of Blockchain and distributed ledger technology and the factors to consider if you’re considering an ICO.  Allison Baker Shealy, Shulman Rogers, combines her background in securities enforcement, white collar defense, and her many years as a Senior Trial Attorney with the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission to shepherd clients through the regulatory landscape as applied to virtual currencies, including but not limited to the launch of initial coin offerings and sale of virtual currencies.

Businesses owned and operated by spouses can become complicated as professional and personal lines become blurred and tensions and stress intrude.  Mari Millard and Marnie Hammel, co-owners of Two Maids and A Mop, will discuss the decision to go into business together and the tips to stay in business together.  Conflicts and resolutions include: financial stress, management style, division of labor, compromise and shared vision.  Learn what makes their couple-preneurship work and what to avoid if you want to have a successful co-owned business and a long term harmonious marriage. Mari Millard and Marnie Hammel, co-owners, Two Maids and a Mop, love to manage, mentor and coach based on their own success.
Is your business at risk and properly protected? Getting sued or experiencing an unexpected incident caused by you or your employees could have a devastating impact on your business. Learn about risks business owners face, pitfalls to avoid and thought-provoking examples of what can happen to your business and livelihood if you are unaware of your exposures. Leverage strategies to minimize exposures, cover your assets and explore your options related to liability insurance, employment related risks and cyber/data breach insurance.  Dr. Betty SeltzerCEO/Agent, Farmers Insurance-Betty Seltzer Agency, encourages others to be proactive and invest in their future by having the right insurance coverage.  
Learn clear, concise and compelling action steps to help you plan for, prepare to, and pitch your business for funding using Business Plan and Business Pitch competitions as an unconventional funding platform.  Takia Ross, Owner, Accessmatized, LLC, has won over $65,000 in cash and prizes for her business and has helped other business owners win over $45,000 their businesses by pitching in business plan and business pitch competitions.  She has used her winnings from these competitions to take her business to the next level by opening a brick and mortar location as well as by launching Pretty Mobile Baltimore, DMV’s First Mobile Make-Up Studio and she is ready to share what she has learned with you.
Pam Jones, Division Chief, Montgomery County Department of Procurement, facilitates a small group discussion on how to do business with Montgomery County. 
From someone who has heard thousands of elevator speeches, take 5 minutes for one on one meeting to pitch yours. Get immediate feedback on how to improve your first impression. Sheila Dews-Johnson, Director, Supplier Diversity and Supplier Sustainability, McCormick Spice Company.  

Immigration is a hot topic in the business community. From an uptick in worksite immigration enforcement actions to tighter restrictions on visa adjudications, recent immigration policy changes rank as one of the most concerning workplace issues for employers. Alexandra Michailov, who leads the immigration practice at Shulman Rogers, will discuss what every employer should know about immigration.  Alexandra Michailov is chair of the immigration practice at the law firm of Shulman Rogers. She represents corporate clients including large corporations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and technology, start-up and emerging growth companies in a wide range of cross-border immigration matters. In her practice, Alexandra places an emphasis on personalized service, pragmatic approach and a timely turnaround on all cases.  Clients note that Alexandra is a “fantastic, passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable attorney.” Her record of delivering favorable outcomes on employment-based immigration benefits, corporate compliance and family-based immigration matters has gained her recognition as a Rising Star on the list of Washington D.C. Super Lawyers.

Explore the things that really matter to you, like building lasting, authentic business relationships; having a vision for yourself in five or 10 years, prioritizing the five things you value most in life, helping your community, leaving a legacy… Ronnie has ideas to help guide you through the common pitfalls that women business owners face. Ronnie Sax, CPM®, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor, Senior Portfolio Management Director, Morgan Stanley, is proud to say that over 50 families have relied on her advice for over 25 years.
Are you looking for more ways to build your business? Now that your business is on social media, are you maximizing the opportunity to get more out of it? Have you been networking but not reaching the right customers? Are you struggling to form authentic relationships with your client community? Are you staying passionate about your business or has the daily grind gotten to you? There are millions of entrepreneurs across the country traveling the same road as you each day. While your business operates in its own unique fashion, growing and scaling it, no matter what your business, is a challenge most entrepreneurs and professionals share. Come listen to how the “rainmakers” featured on our panel have navigated their own way through the challenges of growing a business and what they did differently to stretch the edges of their respective comfort zones to be successful in their craft.  
Think your small business is safe from cyber-threats?  About 60% of small businesses that suffer a cybersecurity attack go out of business within six months. According to the Better Business Bureau, the annual average loss for small businesses from cyber attacks is estimated to be US$80,000 with maximum total loss of up to US$1 million. 90% of small business don’t use any data protection at all for company and customer information.  In response to these staggering figures, the U.S. Commerce Department’s, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) released the cybersecurity framework that provides guidance to every small business to protect their company. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9ToNuwmyF0) Joining us is Susan Prince from NIST and a panel of the top women cyber experts in the D.C. Metro region. Come hear from our local thought leaders, Ola Sage, CEO of CyberRx, Julie Holdren, CPO & COO of KoolSpan, and Sapna George, VP of Development & Engineering, Cryptonite NXT on why you should protect your business from cyber-attacks!
The Power Conference is pleased to bring you a revolutionary communication training from world-renowned sales trainer – Cheri Tree.  Discover what triggers the ‘Yes’ or tripwires the ‘No’ in the sales process!  Companies spend millions of dollars annually teaching their people how to sell, instead of investing in the only question that ever matters to the bottom line: Why they buy?  You’ll learn the world’s only methodology scientifically validated to predict buying behavior in less than 90 seconds.Cheri Tree, CEO of BANKCODE, with more than 20 years’ experience in sales and a multi-million dollar income, is the leading authority in Personality Sales Training having shared the stage with icons such as Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Suze Orman, Les Brown, and Sir Richard Branson.  Cheri teaches the B.A.N.K. sales system to top sales organizations worldwide.  Grab this opportunity to learn the simple methodology that will consistently deliver better sales results for you.