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6104 Wigan Court

Leading Within Strategist

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Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association, Inc. – Leading Within


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“Sharon Parker is a Native of Calvert County, Maryland and loves working with the next generation and professionals to empower them to tap into their leadership skills and Project Manager skills. Sharon is known as a “Leading Within Strategist” and share her initiative called “Leading Within Through Project Management, #LWTPM” on several professional platforms.

Sharon is an author of the book called “True Synergy Works, Leading Within…Seven Defining Principles of Knowing Self to Birth Greatness”., which was written in 2017. Feel free to go to and/or to learn more about Sharon’s Civil Rights Story. Sharon was 5 years old when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was Assassinated. Her Parker Family’s Legacy was featured on WUSA Channel 9, on December 10, 2020 and talks about the 40 acres land her parents own..

Sharon is a community servant/activist and serve as the President for the “Maryland’s Association of American Mothers, Inc., (MD-AMI)” and President for the “Remembering Our Ancestors Synergistic Association (ROASA), Inc.”, organization. Sharon is the former President for the HUD Robert C. Weaver – Blacks in Government (BIG) chapter and former Commissioner of the Maryland Commission of African American History and Cultures.

Sharon has hosted 7 soon to be 8 Annual ROASA’s Leading Within conferences in the DMV and implemented and presented several professional leadership workshops and RYES Youth community workshops. Sharon also presented at the 2018, and 2019 BIG National Training Institute in New Orleans and TX.

Sharon loves Building True Synergy, Building Lasting Professional Connections in her community and inspiring All to tap into their greatness by knowing self and knowing their history.

Most importantly, Sharon loves connecting the Next Generation with caring, committed and willing professionals in all industries, in hopes that they work hand-in-hand to build True Synergy (Connections) for the benefit of young people succeeding in the professional career(s).”


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1. Lisa Dove Washington, CEO, Dove Style Magazine,
2. Ida Hayes, First Vice President Blacks in Government, National Institutes of Health,
3. Dr. Theresa Mosley, Author,

Session title:
Leading Within with a Purpose…Breaking All Forms of Barriers

Session description:

The Lending Within with a Purpose…Breaking All Forms of Barriers is a inspirational discussion to encourage those who may be an Introvert like me, who broke all forms of barriers to lead professionals, no so professionals and
the next generation to lead service oriented projects and initiatives. Through the “Leading Within Through Project Management’, individuals have share meaningful project to change lives. My session will shared my successful experiences and stories.

Session objectives:

1. Help individuals find the enter voice to lead.
2. Develop leading skills to serve minor and major projects and initiatives.
3. Birth meaningful opportunities for those who loss their voice.
4. Show by example of your works to change peoples hearts and minds.

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Interactive and engaging

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The Exceptional Executive (advanced level track)

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Workshops — In depth 45 min presentation with 15 min Q&A sessions

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