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14 Knollwood Drive


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Real Intelligence LLC


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Jeff Mount spent twenty-five years in the financial services business and attained numerous awards including “Innovator of the Year.” Jeff is regularly published in Forbes, Global Banking and Finance, FinTec Buzz, and is a monthly columnist for Newsmax Finance.

“Visualize your financial future in ten minutes or less.” Jeff Mount, CEO of Real Intelligence LLC is introducing financial planning tools and techniques that are intuitive and fast. The sailing through life metaphor used in the Dynamic Map app even includes life’s surprises, like inheritance, divorce, or layoffs. White labelling exists for firms who choose to customize the experience.


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Cindi Agostino, event coordinator, MW FInancial 860-798-3353
Christian Hyldahl, President, Varium Investment Partners, 610-240-7750
Larry Lotwin, Senior Vice President, AlphaStar Capital Management, 760-688-9984

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Visualize your financial future in ten minutes or less. Strategic thinking begins at minute eleven!

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Learn how to become financially independent using a method that is fast, intuitive, visual, and dynamic. Traditional financial planning is time consuming and boring. As a result, it is estimated that only one percent of Americans work with a financial advisor. Pursue your family purpose in a way that is normally reserved for the wealthiest 1%.

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Whether you choose to “do-it-yourself” or work with a financial advisor, you should not ever be confused by strategic planning. The Dynamic Map method will allow you see how well your family obligations will be funded through life, make quick, strategic improvements that are easily validated through an intuitive visual, and adapt to ever changing life circumstances like layoffs, divorce, inheritance, etc. Financial independence is important to everyone around you, your family, your community, and even the federal government. Pursuing your family purpose gives your life a deeper level of meaning than you have ever imagined.

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Interactive and engaging

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The Exceptional Executive (advanced level track)

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To the Point — 20 min presentation with 10 min Q&A sessions — Live or Pre-Recorded, Workshops — In depth 45 min presentation with 15 min Q&A sessions

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