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8039 Possum Trot Rd.


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757 775 4244

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Manao Publishing


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YouTube (Branch Isole)

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Author of 22 books and eBooks, poet and storyteller Branch Isole writes about strength of choice to change consequences. Known worldwide for his contemporary short story prose, Branch shares readable, relatable stories that reveal emotions and issues often experienced, but not always voiced.

He posts a ‘Thought for Today’ and a different short story daily at; and YouTube (Branch Isole). Branch shares informative steps to erect a framework that supports career, personal and spiritual growth.

Branch graduated from Texas State Univ., BSEd., did post graduate work at Univ. of Houston, MEdAdm., and holds an Oxford MA Theology degree from Trinity Bible College and Seminary.


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Monique Wooden-Goodwin Dept. of Treasury; “Special Events Team” Philadelphia, PA (
Tanya MacDonald “Family and Friends Devotional TeleConference” (
Diana Fuchs “Great American Book Festival” Rapid City, SD ( 605-381-6385

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You Have a Story to Share! Now What?

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Many writers dream of being published. Now what? How do aspiring authors get their books published?
Branch Isole shares with unpublished writers facts about getting their book published. Detailing the options, obstacles, legal necessities, and costs Branch will answer the most asked questions every fledgling author needs to know. If you’ve got a book or story you want to give to the world, learn the initial steps needed for success.

Session objectives:

Introduce publishing options for aspiring authors.
Present common obstacles faced by would be published authors.
Essentials necessary for legal protections of works.
Book vs. eBook? The facts.

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Interactive and engaging

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Power Up Your Business (grow existing business track)

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No Preference

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