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Karim R.Ellis

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Empowered 2 Win


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Karim R. Ellis is an expert transformational coach that has been featured in NBC, CBS, ABC, Yahoo! Finance, Wall Street Select, and FOX network affiliates as well as other major news outlets.
A Dynamic Powerhouse Speaker with over 10 years of experience in the field of speaking, training, and breakthrough success, Karim has also authored the hit book titled “G.P.S My Success”. Karim is an individual that takes great pride in developing both leaders and champions. His messages and concepts help people to grow to the next level as he inspires an atmosphere of greatness in the lives he connects with daily.

Karim is also a member of the National Speakers Association, Past President with Toastmasters International and is the owner of two successful businesses for over 20 years.
As a member of the John Maxwell Team and as a Les Brown Platinum Speaker and protégé, Karim speaks, inspires, and teaches Leadership / Professional Development principles to 60-70 organizations a year. Some of these companies include…

Ford Motor Company, Honda, General Electric, Toyota, Anthem, Kroger, The United States Postal Service, ODOT, The Dept. of Defense DFAS, The United States Military, The National Urban League, SHRM and a host of many more. His YouTube channel has over 200 positive video testimonials from event planners and attendees that have heard him speak.

All successful organizations understand that effective leadership is at the heart of every business. As a trainer/coach, Karim has several engaging group programs specifically designed to take Leaders to the Next Level.
When Karim delivers a message, he absolutely makes sure that the room “gets it”. If you are ready for a fun, engaging, entertaining, and inspiring motivational speaker that will leave you amazed, Karim R. Ellis is it!!!!!


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I have speaking on the professional circuit since 2007. Unfortunately it is my company policy not give out event planner contact info without their permission. I want to maintain a spirit of integrity as a lot of my clients are HR Professionals and event planners in the Fortune 500 arena. If it’s absolutely necessary for the selection process I can make it happen with a few phone calls and emails. I also want to propose and alternative. Anytime I speak at an event I generally have my team gather video testimonials on the spot at the end of the function. My Youtube Channel has over 200 video testimonials from event planners and HR professionals that booked me to speak. It also has testimonials from attendees that sat through my presentations. Most videos run around 2-3 minutes. The good thing is there re over 200 video reviews to choose from that can attest to my speaking ability and command of the room and stage.
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GPS MY Success: The Address will Determine Your Destination!

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How to Create a Vision That Gets Results

Vision sets the tone of every successful venture. The year of 2020 post Covid-19 has left many organizations and individuals without a game plan of how to get goals and dreams back on track. Without a clearly defined obtainable vision, both people and organizations eventually grow stagnant and die. In G.P.S. Your Success, Karim explains the concept of vision in a profound way that most people have never seen before. The purpose of this training is to teach the audience 5 peak performance principles that all allow the audience to create an identifiable vision that works. When you need clarity and direction…. G.P.S. Your Success is the roadmap.

Session objectives:

Attendees will learn:

How to set an obtainable vision that works.
How to successfully navigate through dead spots and stagnant seasons of your life.
How to adjust goals and vision on the fly.
How to set a vision that others want to follow.
And much more…

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Interactive and engaging

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Ready, Set, Go (introductory business track)

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GAME TIME! How to Create Massive Success Before You Roll the Dice!!!

Session description:

How to Create Massive Success Before You Roll the Dice!!!

Game Time is Karim’s most highly requested Leadership Training presentation. Capitalizing on the board game theme, this training teaches the audience seven unforgettable core principles that unlock greatness in ever faucet of life. Audience members both young and old will walk away with fresh ideas as this message is designed to break through the hidden boundaries that keep most people stuck. The room will learn, participate, and compete for wild prizes while learning to master several exhilarating core principles destined to put their goals in Checkmate!!!

Session objectives:

Attendees will learn:

How to apply your gifts, talents, and education to make everyday work easier
Why “success” is 50% what you know and 50% who you connect with
Why “time” is your most valuable resource and how to effectively master it
Why taking “action” is the most powerful success principle you can develop
How to create profound habits that will predict your future
And much more…


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Workshops — In depth 45 min presentation with 15 min Q&A sessions

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