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In 2000, Milo left fifteen years in Information Technology to pursue his then-ten-year passion: applying improvisation to business practices and development.
His training program, “TEAMprovising”, creates team connectedness, improved communication and boosted innovation for I.T. engineers at Sempra Energy, processing clerks at Computer Science Corporation, and nurses at HealthSouth.
As a member of the National Speakers Association, his interactive motivational speeches have delighted Southwest Airlines, Minolta, and General Dynamic. His customized “Improvfessionals” duo keynote show uses ten improv games to prove ten points on sales, management, teamwork, or other topics. Kodak, Pfizer, and Qualcomm have praised his creative methods.

In 2004, Milo launched the coaching side of his business “Public Dynamics”, helping individuals become more prepared, polished and powerful upon the platform including CEOs at Sharp Health Care. A speech based on his book “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” provides a fresh voice on this old topic.

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Margo Garcia, program director of San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance:
Karyn Buxman, past president National Speakers Association – San Diego Chapter:
John Jenrette, then-CEO of Sharp Physicians Health Group (now with Cedar Sinai):

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“Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

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With his playful, story-filled approach, Milo covers these topics and more:

• capturing the power of story to make points sizzle
• setting the stage with your body to help people visualize
• the Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™
• the Four Stages to Successful Speech Structure™
• common ways that we alienate / distract our audiences
• taking control of Q&A

Full of fun and loaded with juicy aha’s to avoid learner burnout!

Session objectives:

1) Apply techniques to hold audiences and clientele’s attention more fully
2) Achieve greater confidence in their ability to succeed in numerous aspects of public speaking
3) Take actionable steps to better use vocal variety (we’re all told to do it, but has anyone else ever told you how? And how specifically to use it effectively?)

NOTES (sorry to use this box for everything, but there’s no other good place for comments):
1) It’s challenging choosing a track because some newcomers excel in this area while some seasoned professionals have needed work in this area for decades. It can really work on any track.
2) I’m listing “pre-recorded” as my preference because it’s nice to take out all the stress of doing it all perfectly live and simply recording it at my convenience, but if that’s a deciding factor, I’m open to live.
3) I’m happy to create a 20 second video
Lastly , we can talk about use of the video after the conference, but a full year isn’t ok when this speech is part of how i make my living.

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Formal presentation

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Power Up Your Business (grow existing business track)

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