Mari Millard

‘Til Business Do Us Part: Couple-preneurship  

Businesses owned and operated by spouses can become complicated as professional and personal lines become blurred and tensions and stress intrude.  Mari Millard and Marnie Hammel, co-owners of Two Maids and A Mop, will discuss the decision to go into business together and the tips to stay in business together.  Conflicts and resolutions include: financial stress, management style, division of labor, compromise and shared vision.  Learn what makes their couple-preneurship work and what to avoid if you want to have a successful co-owned business and a long term harmonious marriage.

Recently named “Fastest Growing Office” at the 2018 National Two Maids & A Mop Conference.

Mari Millard has an MBA and has spent the last 15 years in the data and research space.  She has worked with numerous startups including one that ultimately sold for over $100 million. After her contributions led to fantastic successes at other companies Mari decided to put her talents to use for her own Company.  She accomplished her dream of entrepreneurship and bought Two Maids and A Mop.  Mari is a frequent presenter and a published author.  She is the mother of twins, a marathon runner and an extensive worldwide traveler.