Kim Foley

Get Noticed, Get Press, and Be Seen as a Thought Leader with Video

Video is the most powerful communication tool in the world! SEO soars when you have video on your home page. And 64% of people who watch a branded video buy that product or service? Video is the big new frontier in getting noticed, creating buzz, informing and inspiring. This workshop will show you how to leverage video for getting more business. Bring your phone or tablet and learn best practices of producing professional quality mobile video to help your business soar!  



Kim Foley is an award-winning video producer and founder of Smartphone Video Production Academy. Kim helps businesses learn how to produce and edit professional quality video, all on mobile devices. In addition to video production, Kim provides media and teleprompter training. Her clients include KPMG, ExxonMobil, Nestle, government agencies, associations, sports and media journalists, non-profits and entrepreneurs.