Judy Stephenson

Secret, Not Secret: Three Ways to Mine Montgomery County Data for Business Development

Businesses often turn to their local governments for business opportunities. This approach is too limiting to support meaningful growth.

Business Intelligence allows you to turn data into opportunity. But first you have to understand what information is available and develop a strategy for leveraging that information to build your business.

Thinking about data in a different way allows businesses to use information that is publicly available from Montgomery County to create a competitive edge.

Judy Stephenson is the Small Business Navigator for Montgomery County Government. She serves as a liaison between small businesses and county departments. Her past experience of running a small technical-training company in Gaithersburg for 10 years gives her a first-hand understanding of the challenges small business owners face. She is a passionate supporter of the local small business community and is the “go to” resource for businesses with questions about their interactions with County Government. If Judy doesn’t have the answer, she’ll find it!